Title in Kulisusu: Wangkinamboro

Told by: La Bura

Date: February 1996

The story of Wangkinamboro.

Wangkinamboro was a person just like us, except he was big, except that he was naughty and he ate people. He lived in a large cave, on Wawontowure mountain. Every seven days, Wangkinamboro ate people. He was about to finish off the Kulisusu people by eating them.

The one who was named La Engu sought about for a way for him to die. 

Then they got busy, and they floored over a deep cave, and they called the one named Wangkinamboro. While Wangkinamboro was dancing on top of La Engu’s floored-over place, he was very happy indeed. When they were finished being festive, he was going to eat people.

While he was dancing on the cave, La Engu’s floored-over place, they ordered him to squat and jump up and down, and it collapsed. As soon as Wangkinamboro fell into the cave, many people dumped rocks on top of him, and he died.

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