The Ruler's Twin Sons

Title in Kulisusu: Anano Lakino Lipu Ndorapia

Told by: La Ode Umar M.

Date: 2013

One time, the ruler of a certain region had twins. Their names were Tobo Walambangi Dunia and Hancu Pata Alamu. When they were born, there was writing on their chests which gave their names. When they were bigger, they were given a toy dagger and a toy sword. The sheaths were made out of gold. The twins always played with these toys inside the house. Not long after that they asked for fighting cocks.

Then they asked permission to fight their cocks on the porch. From there they went down under the house, then they went into the yard, then they went on the other side of the fence. After that they went to other people’s houses. Not long after that they came face to face with a boat sailing out to sea, and they boarded and sailed away too. 

Their father was troubled because his children had been gone a long time without returning home. He gathered all the officials to look for them, but they couldn’t find them. Because they were sick at heart, their father and mother got to the point where if they heard a rooster crowing they slaughtered it, and if they heard a dog barking they speared it.

Not long after that a boat arrived in the harbor beating drums. The ruler ordered his officials to go and stop (forbid) them from beating drums. “Tell the people on the boat down there,” said the ruler, “I’m troubled and can’t sleep. My children Tobo Walambangi Dunia and Hancu Pata Alamu have been gone a long time and have not returned. Go and tell that boat that’s beating drums down there to leave.”

When the officials arrived down there they forbid them to beat drums. But the people on the boat said, “We will not stop beating these drums if the ruler doesn’t meet with us.” Finally the ruler went to meet them. When he arrived down there, they asked him, “What is troubling you so that you forbid us to beat drums?” The ruler answered, “I am distressed because my children, Tobo Walambangi Dunia and Hancu Pata Alamu, have been gone a long time.” The ruler didn’t know that his children were on that boat.

Then his two children opened their shirts, and their names could be seen written on their chests, and they also showed the dagger and the sword sheathed in gold, signs that the two of them were the children of the ruler, Tobo Walambangi Dunia and Hancu Pata Alamu. Then they embraced and cried. 

After that they returned to the ruler’s house, Tobo Walambangi Dunia and Hancu Pata Alamu along with their wives. When they went they didn't step on the ground, but they walked on top of white cloth from the harbor until they came to the house. When they arrived home, they feasted sumptuously and celebrated.

The end.

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