Deer in Kulisusu

Title in Kulisusu: Rusa i Kolinsusu

Told by: La Bura

Date: March 1996

The story of deer in Kulisusu and America.

Deer in Kulisusu are the same as deer in America, the only difference is in the number of points of their antlers. Deer antlers in Kulisusu only have seven points. In America there are deer with more than ten points.

When a Kulisusu deer first has antlers, it is called the spike antler. When the spike antler fall off, there grows what is called the velvet antler. When the velvet antler falls off, there grows what is called the hardened antler.

We chase deer in Kulisusu with dogs and they hound it so that it become tired from fleeing, then we catch up to it and spear it with bamboo spears, and it dies.

We hope you enjoyed this story. You can also listen to this story told in Kulisusu, or download a print version (pdf) which gives the story in all three languages. 



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